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Commercial Electrical Services Near Mesa, AZ.

Do you need a Commercial Electrician in the Mesa, AZ area? O’Lectric LLC is a Commercial Electrician Company servicing Mesa, Arizona, and surrounding areas. You are hiring a top-rated commercial Electrician company for all your business’ Electricals needs.

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O’Lectric Commercial Electricians Offer:

  • Commercial Lighting Repair
  • Commercial LEDs
  • Commercial Canopy Lighting
  • Cooking Hood Electrical Service and Repair

  • Complete Commercial Wiring
  • Power Outage Repair/Failures

  • New Equipment Hook-Up
  • Circuit Panel Upgrades

  • Electrical Checks – Safety
  • Commercial Exterior Lighting

Electrical Contractor

Understanding Electricity is a task for highly-trained professionals and should never be attempted by anyone other than a trained professional. As a Contractor in the Commercial Electrical trade, it is very important to understand the importance of electricity and how it can ruin your day in a hurry if not dealt with in the correct manner, therefore we have expert trained technicians to tackle your every electrical need.

Working in Commercial Buildings

Our Mesa, Az. expert electrical professionals will do the heavy lifting when it comes to installing new circuits to exit signs, emergency lighting, changing lighting fixtures, adding lighting fixtures, and fans. Troubleshooting complex electrical problems will not only help resolve the issue but may also save you money in the long run by eliminating the issue before it becomes a hazard. Marlin Lighting Control Dimming Energy Management Systems are one of our specialties here at O’LECTRIC, LLC, this system is an excellent way to increase lighting efficiency and save money on electric bills.


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As a member of the IAEI, we have knowledge of and follow all electrical code requirements.

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